So that didn’t go well…
I tried the “diversion” / “dither fish” pairing tactic with the other PNG Maroons I’ve been trying to pair up.  I initially added three small Onyx Percula culls, and then released the male PNG Maroon from his “cage”.  I was shooting video, but the battery ran out so I’m not sure I got any.  For about the first 3-5 minutes, the interactions looked positive.  The male would tail stand, tremble, clamp fins…all signs of submission.  And then, it got to the point where the male turned to flee and the female just lashed out.  I watched patiently, knowing that this is not uncommon.  Still, after a few more minutes, the male’s rear dorsal and anal fin were missing chunks.  The female would periodically hunt the male down, whereever he was, and give chase.  If she could get her mouth on him, she did, even pulling him backward through the water as she tore a chunk from his tail.
I did get the video, but really, there’s nothing to watch.  None of the interactions happened until after the camera died 🙁

And meanwhile, the Perculas garnered almost no attention, so I upped the number from three to six.  That only did slightly better, causing the female to occasionally bully her way through the group, but not really apply any serious aggression towards them.  Indeed, she solely sought out the male maroon…relatively speaking she could’ve cared less about the other, smaller clownfish.
So in a change of events, I caught the female and put her in the cage.  The male will now get to recouperate in the main tank, and the female will be returning to the male’s territory, which I can only guess whether it will magnify, or reduce, her aggression towards the “intruder” when she is reintroduced.
This all suggests that maybe my next attempt should be to use Sanjay’s method, where he utilized 2 maroons.  I have a small male from another pair I could use to try this technique with these PNG maroons, and hopefully the female will pick the larger vs. smaller male being offered.   With a family weekend ahead of me, probably no news until next week.