Tested again this morning – Calcium on the Salifert was down to 425 ppm and that was after another day’s worth of dosing 3 X .25 ml/gallon of C-Balance.  Hmm.  Did I just use 10 ppm of calcium overnight, or is it really just that there’s a certain margin of error with the test kit?  Hard to say.  So once again, I’ll dose the three doses of 0.25 ml/L of the two part and see where that gets me tomorrow AM again.
On another front, I was going to move the Lightning Maroon up today, but I was reminded of timeless advice that more than one good aquarist has given over the years.  Never make any drastic changes in the week leading up to a vacation.  While I’m not going on vacation, I AM going to be in Dallas, Texas, next weekend to speak at the 2011 DFWMAS Next Wave event.  Still, I asked my wife simply “should I move the fish up or should I wait until I get back” and without hesitation, she said “wait”.  Clearly, waiting is what I will be doing.  February 28th will be the drop date for the Lighting Maroon (unless water tests determine otherwise).