Well folks, nothing new to say really.  There are PNG Maroons being held @ Blue Zoo Aquatics by the trusty staff there…they’ll send them to me when the time is right.  In the meantime, the Lightning Maroon enjoys swimming in its Bubble Tip Anemones, and I enjoy being a new dad!  Yes, not much to say…amazing how “boring” and un-news-worthy each day is when there’s nothing to say other than “it’s still alive” 🙂
I have 4 empty tanks up and running, fully established and ready for new PNG Maroons.  Some of these are dividable as well.  I’ve been setting my sights on getting the fishroom at large up and running, as well as trying to figure out a permanent home for the Lightning Maroon and its mate (when it’s finally paired up!).  I’m sure this wait is simply killing some of you out there…nothing good in this hobby ever happens when you rush it!