My May/June 2010 issue of CORAL Magazine just arrived today. I knew what was coming, but still, it’s always exciting to get a fresh issue of CORAL.  Ret Talbot’s article in Reef News on the Lightning Clown provides yet another view on the story of the Lightning Maroon.  There’s a bit more about SEASMART as well, and a grew new photo of the collectors in PNG!  Ret knows I’m wanting to talk more about SEASMART (and sustainable collection) in the future here at the Lighting Project, and I hope we get to pull that together soon.   In the meantime, go look for the newest issue of CORAL Magazine – it looks like THIS!

Me? I was at MASC’s Reef Ed in Colorado all last weekend, got to hang out with Christina and Chris Pearson, Andrew Berry, Gale, Joe Thompson, Eric Borneman, Jake Adams and Guin Burnard.   I love events like this, and I’m going to strongly encourage hobbyists to patronize their clubs and events.  You get a whole different experience than reading or posting online.  Don’t think the talks are going to be boring because even if they ARE, you will STILL learn a lot that will make you a better marine hobbyist in ways you can’t anticipate.  So yeah, I finished moving, went to Reef Ed to speak on captive breeding, and returned home to spend every evening this week in birthing classes (my wife is due in 5 weeks).
Lightning Clown? It’s still living in a breeder net.  Happy with a good appetite.  I thought I saw some dislodged scales, but it’s hard to tell with the net.  I DO know that our Onyx Percs have come down with what may be Brook or Amyloodinium, it’s hard to say, but they’re doing white well and will likely pull out with no treatment.  I’ve seen ’em worse.  It is arguably perhaps for the best that my attention to the fish is limited…it’s allowing them to just sit, eat, and recuperate from the move.
I gotta say, the “Breeder Net” kinda sucks.  I’m having to think about the long term home for the Lighting Maroon (any tank, filter and lighting manufacturers looking to sponsor the Lighting Project by giving ‘El BOLT a better home, I welcome offers!).  I also got some “news” this evening that’s made me smile, but I don’t want to speak prematurely!