Not much to say…the main event is what I noticed earlier this afternoon.  More of a “record keeping” update than anything else.  Did a water change with full strength saltwater again this evening.  Dosed with Maracyn SW – this is probably the last does.  I have NOT moved her to the 10 gallon “recovery tank” yet.  It is my opinion that the water change kinda “pissed her off”.
The Lightning Maroon is doing his thing…more or less acting like he’s not 100% happy with his new smaller living arrangements.  The “Labrador” Maroon is my new best friend because FINALLY, I’ve found a clownfish that is able to intimidate the male Pygmy Angelfish (Centropyge argi) that lives in that tank.  Suprisingly, the Fire Clowns (Amphiprion ephippium) fought that battle, and I thought they’d won it, but within a few days it was clear the Centropyge were on top.  NO LONGER….and the most interesting part is that the male Pygmy doesn’t even try.