It’s turning out to be a riddle that I’ve yet to answer.  What is wrong with the PNG Female Maroon?  And more importantly, how have I not killed it by now?  Or maybe better to ask, what the heck am I doing that’s keeping this fish still around despite the constant onslaught of illness?
You may recall that yesterday I mentioned she is looking “fat” despite not being an aggressive eater, and that she certainly is having vision problems and that now both eyes were cloudy.  Well, these symptoms persist today.  Heck, I was convinced that finally, at least we were seeing SOME change, even if it was a “downhill slide”.  Logically, based on my experiences, that would make sense, even though it’s not what I’d want.
Of course, I think this fish is going to simply stump us all, because this afternoon, despite cloudy eyes and a couple specks of Cryptocaryon, she was snapping grated squid out of the water column.  Blind fish don’t normally feed out of the water column.  Granted, she wasn’t hunting the food down from across the tank, but certainly was feeding from the water column as she swam around.  I should probably take video of both the PNG maroon, and the new “Labrador” Maroon, so you guys can see the behavioral comparison…
Is this fish getting better or not?!?!!?!!  I kinda wish it would just make up its mind already!