Lots of updates with no photos, so why not take a moment and remember what we all really enjoy – seeing these fish grow up.
First up, my one-ventral-finned holdback so I can keep tracking developing photos of the pattern on this fish.

Before I left on my fishing trip last week, I took the liberty to move one of the last summer offspring up into a vacant cube on the cube system, thinking that would free things up for another batch of clowns at some point.  I thought it was big enough to NOT go through the holes.
You might remember LM17…

Well LM17 now has a buddy, which I will now dub LM18

At the moment, LM18 appears to be just about “perfect” as a clownfish.  I discovered LM17 and LM18 cohabiting earlier this week, perhaps Monday (it’s now Friday) and opted to take the ‘wait and see’ approach.  So far not a nick or scratch.  I moved all neighboring fish in the cube system as far away from this “pair” as was possible to help foster whatever pair-bond might form between these two fish.  Might be seeing these two offered as a bonded pair sometime in 2014….
For the moment, here’s more of LM18.

Video of the pair – proof it happened: