So, a total hatch.  Last night, before lights out, there was ONE larvae swimming around and a scattering of dead eggs on the bottom.  I checked at 7 AM (up to get the kids out the door every day now) and shazam – a full hatch. There was less than 20 eggs on the tile, and the tank is just swarming with them.  Mike Doty brought over some rotifers last night (somehow I managed to simultaneously crash all my cultures) and some RotiGreen Omega + Rotifers went into the tank.
There are hundreds of larvae in the tank.  We’ll see how it goes from here.  I suspect I will have to siphon the bottom today.
On a related note, some (or all) of the fish won in Round 3 of the Blue Zoo Aquatics Lightning Maroon Clownfish auctions on eBay should be shipping today!  Thanks to everyone who bid!