So 8 days definitely would have been the right call.  I’m going to heed this warning to myself on the next spawn.
On 7-26-2013, there was definitely a hatch of offspring.  Somewhere between 25 and 50 larvae had hatched out, but the REST OF THE NEST remained unhatched.
By the morning of 7-27-2013, what I *should* have seen was more fish hatch out, but sadly, instead what I found were a bunch of dead eggs scattered all over the bottom of the black round tub. All of these were siphoned out. So despite the addition of Methelyne Blue, which if anything should have helped the eggs remain viable until their hatch, the vast majority of the nest, easily 500-700 eggs, died instead of hatching.
But the real kicker, by the late evening of 7-28, all those larvae that HAD hatched out?  Gone.  Vanished.  Nowhere to be found and no BODIES seemed to swirl up either.  There was ONE swimming around that I could find, and by the morning of 7-29, that one was gone too.
Not to worry though, late in the afternoon of 7-29-2013, the next spawn occurred. By my online records this should be spawn #8. So I get another shot at this.  It will be very hard to resist, but I will NOT pull the nest out for hatching in a larval tank until the night of August 6th, 2013.  What I *might* do is run a larval snagger on the night of the 5th, just in case the babies get all uppity and decide to all hatch on the “first night” of hatching.