This is a very brief update simply because I’m way behind in updating anyone on this front!  Nothing has really changed…the Lightning Pair stopped spawning since the last post.  Figures.  I did manage to raise another TWO (yes, only 2) to settlement…produced 1 “Lightning” and 1 “regular” offspring.
The big reason for the lack of updates is simply this – our new daughter, Audrey, was born on 4/17/2013, rather suddenly (but obviously not unexpectedly). I wish I could share the story, as it’s the type of thing you’d see in a movie, but respecting my wife’s privacy I’ll simply leave it at that! Since then, I think I’m averaging no more than 3 hours of sleep per stint, and on a good day, 6 hours total.  Doubling the number of children is NOT easy..I don’t care what anyone says, we went from being able to tag team on one, to man-to-man coverage!
Without a doubt, this big life change has prevented me from getting to the sale of the first offspring, who are rapidly now approaching a YEAR of age, and some of which are quite large now too.  Hopefully I’ll get that rectified soon, and the wait will be worth it.  Will update the project when there’s more to update!