You knew it would happen, I said it would happen.  You can’t keep this much electricity locked up without having to get some discharged.
And so it comes to pass that last Thursday, October 11th, the first two offspring of the Lightning Maroon left my basement and traveled 4 blocks away to Mike’s house.  One Lightning Baby, and one “Horned” baby. Now, these are both cull quality fish top to bottom, but who knows how they might grow in.  I say that, because some of the “culled” fish that I pulled that had missing ventral fins for example, have now grown them in!!!  Amazing how abusive these fish are to each other, but also amazing how resilient they are.  And in picking Mike’s fish, I got a much better look at most of the babies, and I have to say that my earlier assessment on their quality may have been overly harsh.  I need to do a photo shoot and ultimately, get them separated out, which I have still yet to do (they’re not killing each other, so I’m not getting much motivation from them!)
Bottom line, we can all breathe just a little easier knowing that we now have a slight diversification of risk on the Lightning Genetics.  Not 100% of the eggs in one basket now.  This is the first of three planned sets to be passed on to locals as thanks and “backups”.  I look forward to more diversification of risk in the weeks ahead!