I’ve spent all day at a frag swap doing fundraising for our local club, and I come home to see that the antibiotics do not appear to have made any progress at preventing the advancement of this latest round of problems.  I took photos, which I will post later, as I am simply exhausted, but the status update is quite simple – I would fully expect that the left eye will be a loss.  It is far too diseased.  Despite this, the Lightning Maroon is still eating, and was given Antibiotic-laced food I have here from Dr. G’s.
I must admit, logically thinking this through, it should come as no surprise that the antibiotics I have on hand do not appear to be doing anything…because anything that was succeptible was probably killed off in the last round.  So the question goes…do I move the fish and try a different antibiotic, or do I draw the line in the sand here.  Perhaps the most frustrating part in all of this is that in times like these, I find myself “playing veterinarian”, and yet I’m hardly qualified.  And yet, I’m also not sure that an actual trained fish vet could do any better?
It also bears mentioning that this is eirely similar to the eye infection that ultimately took out the original female PNG Maroon.  “Why I’m running through the gamut of fatal disease issues I first encountered with other wild maroons from PNG some 2 years in?”, is a very frustrating question to even be asking right now.