Once again, trying to pair up the Lightning Maroon.  It has been almost 2 months since I tried introducing the small proven male PNG Maroon Clown with the Lightning Clownfish back on April 11th, and a few days later it did it’s own pairing attempt overnight on the 14th.  I didn’t realize it had been that long.  I captured the first 2.5 minutes of interactions on video before stopping to reset, take a few closer videos, and then some pictures.  Here’s the first three videos.

Honestly, at first I was optimistic.  The attacks weren’t overly violent, and the male was making all the submissive gestures.  I captured some interactions closeup in stills…

Shortly after I shot these images, things changed.  The interactions shown in the video speak for themselves.

So the male PNG Maroon was quickly scooped up and returned to the specimen cup.  This is why I will only conduct these introductions when I have the time to observer firsthand and intervene if necessary.
My only thought at the moment is to “step up” the frequency of these interactions.  Hopefully that will reinforce the social status on both sides and perhaps speed the Lightning Maroon towards “giving in” and deciding it’s OK to be a female and mate with this male.
Experienced Maroon breeders, I welcome any thoughts you care to offer!