So, two totally unrelated comments to make quickly tonight.  First, I really think my suspicions of a fin nipper are correct.  Why?  Because a new chunk showed up missing from the TOP of the Lightning Maroon’s right pectoral fin.  I’d be a lot more worried if there wasn’t also a chunk missing from the tail of my female Mandarin and multiple chunks removed from the fin edges of the 6″ long Labrador Maroon, the undisputed boss of the tank.  I can only assume that one of the Bristletail Filefish, probably the male, has gotten into a bad habit of fin nipping.  It is conceivable that this could tie in with increased reproductive activity or something.  Regardless, I am now thinking about where I can house this pair of fish.  GRR!
I also wanted to point the readers to check out the post by Jake Adams on Reef Builders today regarding ORA’s “misbar” Maroons – – certainly a fundamentally different stripe mutation (again, only guessing that it’s genetic but I think it is).  Arguably very similar to the Picasso Perc and Snowflake Ocellaris, both of which I think are the “same mutation” as it appears on 2 different species, and now here it is again on a Maroon.  Very interesting, but again, all this about genetics is just speculation at the moment.