Yes, the Lighting Maroon is currently still a Jailbird, and all of today’s mugshots were taken behind bars!
There is little to report at this time.  All the Maroons in the house are happy and healthy.  All the new PNG Juvies are going through QT still.  The Labrador Maroon continues to renovate the tank outside of the Lightning Maroon’s new home (jail).  I have not seen any breeding behavior on the part of the Labrador Maroon.  I still do not have a good feeling about how these two fish would interact if I introduced them outright, although I’m getting ever more tempted and still believing that indeed, the Lighthing Maroon is still a male.  I say this, because in observing the small PNG Male with the larger GSM female, the Lightning Maroon shared the same behaviors when it was paired with the original large PNG Female.  No proof that it’s male, but definitely suggestive.
For now, enjoy a pictorial spread of the Lightning Maroon behind bars.  And yes, he really does stare out the front at you like that!