So just discovered the female PNG Maroon dead this morning.   End of her story.  The entire tank has crashed out…once agian, a tank running for months and at one point had 150 small black ocellaris in it.  .  Both anemones I had in the tank are dead too.  Basically I was unable to do anything yesterday with the house closing and the move, and that was all it took for things to crap out big time.  As best as I can piece together, I’m going to blame the Methelyne Blue dip.  Here’s what I think happened.
I think that despite the rinse water following the Methelyne Blue dip, that enough Methelyne Blue made it back into the tank to kill the anemone.   Afterall, the fish that had just been dipped went straight back into the anemone, possibly carrying with it whatever small amounts of Methelyne Blue made it past the rinse.  And then it rolled around in the nem, so any MB that was absorbed in the slime, even in that short 10 second dip, would’ve been directly brought back to the nem.  Once the anemone died and fouled the small tank, soon after, the PNG Female was overcome with ammonia and general decay and being already in poor healthy, *poof*, a dead fish.
Lesson learned – I’m sure I’ve read it before, and I should have thought it through earlier perhaps.  You can’t use a medicated dip on a clown that’s hosting in an anemone, lest you bring that medication back to the tank and thus, kill the anemone.  At least that’s what I THINK happened here, as I really have no other explanation for why it’d suddenly die off.