This morning, ICH (Cryptocaryon) is once again showing up on the female PNG Maroon.  I admit, I’ve been too busy to get a salinity adjustment back down to 1.010 going since yesterday.  Mark Martin (of Blue Zoo Aquatics) reminded me of something that I’d mentioned in one of the many emails flying back and forth between me and the group of advisers.
Since I’m not currently running any medications of any kind, there was nothing stopping me from throwing an internal UV filter unit onto the tank.  I had a used one on hand…I used to run it in my SPS tank.  I want to say it’s 9 watts.  It probably still has good useful life on it, but honestly, I can’t be sure.  We’ll see what it does for cloudy water (and Cryptocaryon).  At any rate, I threw it together this morning and got it in the tank.  It’s official…their tank looks more like an ICU than any kind of nice looking tank…wires and various apparatuses all over the place.
Water change is of course in their future.  Female is still eating this morning, but again, not really hunting down food by any stretch.  It almost has to bounce off her face..she won’t move more than a couple CM to snatch it out of the water as it drifts by.  She spent her night apart from the Lighting Maroon it looks like, over by the protein skimmer.  This affinity for that area suggests a desire to be by higher O2 levels, which tells me she may be having issues with breathing from the Crypt (although I have still have not noticed elevated respiratory rates).
That’s the morning edition…