Another water change this evening.  Tank is still running cloudy, but I’m being good about getting out all the uneaten food, even shaking out some live rock in the wastewater.  Every little bit of waste removal helps.
The Female PNG Maroon was out swimming more this evening, and the Lightning Maroon was still sitting in the cave.  Every once in a while he’d join her, or he’d go off exploring as well.  The fish are starting to act more and more like my other clown pairs.
The female Maroon was still showing white spots (ICH), but overall doesn’t seem under much stress.  I’ve had ICH show up occasionally in my reefs and haven’t ever gone crazy about it…generally with good husbandry and healthy fish it seems to just work out OK.  Of course, I’m dealing with a Maroon Clown that may not have eaten for 2 weeks, so “healthy” isn’t necessarily applicable in this case.  I believe if I see a worsening case, or if she starts refusing to eat again, I will probably kick off treatments with FW dips, even though that has debatable effect.  Of course, still frustrated that I’m seeing this considering my ongoing use of hyposaline conditions.
Going to do a water test at some point, maybe tonight yet (will update this post if I do).  It’s nice that I can start to think ahead now.  I can think about long term housing for the pair.  A pair of fish this unique definitely deserves to be a showpiece, not stuck in the basement hatchery with all the other broodstock.  But my planned 92 corner for the new house is probably not up for consideration (it’s open top, destined to be a SPS tank full of angels of course…).  I welcome suggestions on showpiece housing, even though I have no way of affording it (the 92 project was a tank given to me, and I’ve been buying parts for it piece by piece for a year+ now).  Still, one can dream, right?