I took a quick break from work to go look and feed the fish downstairs.  To my true surprise, the female PNG Maroon Clownfish is up and swimming.  Definitely looks stressed out, but I think not being wedged under the live rock is an improvement.
I offered live brine shrimp (from Mark Martin @ Blue Zoo). I’ve been feeding/enriching with RotiGrow Plus (from Reed Mariculture).  No feeding response out of the female, but maybe she’s nervous to feed when I’m standing around watching.  I’ll be paying close attention.
So of course, the first thing I have to wonder – is this a result of the Maracyn SW dosing this morning?
Admittedly, I’m still not optimistic for the female.  But I am not making any drastic changes at this point.  I would REALLY like to see this girl eat something.  FOOD is a huge benefit to a sick fish.