Yup.  “GRR”.  But not unanticipated and as my elders have told me, almost expected 😉
I prepped some water this morning to do the next change to bring things down as I outlined earlier today.  I tried a little feeding, neither fish was interested.
Did a water test just to be safe.  1.014, pH 8.2, Ammonia, Nitrite at 0, Nitrate at 0-ish.  As I was draining down the Maroon’s tank, I saw that the larger Female has the first telltale signs of Brooklynella on her upper right flank.  So between “mellow” behavior and no appetites, I’m convinced the fish already have Brooklynella, it’s just not bad yet.  I could break out the microscope to see, but it’s not that great at this type of stuff.
We’re at 1.010 as of this time.  Emailed my most trusted advisers and I’ll ask you all the same question I asked them.  Thoughts?
(update – only an hour later, the Lightning Maroon is back to his inquisitive self following the last salinity drop and turning off the main tank lights.  Maybe I’ll try feeding again this evening).